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We provide jenkins hosting for ALL solutions.

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Increase your code quality through automation with Jenkins.

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We'll work with you to allow you to customize Jenkins to fit your needs.

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We provide full support for all of our solutions.

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We support virtually every language your product is written in. Contact us for details.

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Our difference is we will work with you to build and set up your project. We want you to have the perfect continuous integration solution. Need emails after tests failed? We can do that. Need deployments after a check in? We can do that. Need to deploy to a unique environment. We can do that. Reach out and let's start a conversation on what we can do for you.

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Ideal for Web Apps, Mobile Apps, Websites, and all types of projects.

Everything you need get Jenkins and Continuous Integration ready to go.

We'll work with you at any stage to get Jenkins building your projects. Are you at the start and are just looking to increase code quality with automation? Are you already using another solution or are looking to increase the power of your automation? We can help in any case for any project type.

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Jenkins saves you time while increasing code quality.

Setting up continuous integration will save your developers, testers, and system adminstrators time. And your return on investment will increase with lower total cost of ownership.

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Jenkins is more than just a product, it's a way of thinking.

Utilize software best practices

Continuous Integration with automated test execution has seen broad adoption in recent years. The ideas behind Continuous Integration have changed how companies look at Build Management, Release Management, Deployment Automation, and Test Orchestration. This section provides a set of best practices for Jenkins - A Continuous Integration Solution to provide executives, business managers, software developers and architects a better sense of the development progress and code quality of projects throughout the development lifecycle.

Jenkins builds fully customized to your needs

The Jenkins continuous integration solution is infinitely customizable, for whatever your needs may be.

Find Bugs Quicker

Jenkins is the ulitmate QA tool. You can perform static analysis with no extra cost to developers. You can check unit tests after every build. You can have integration tests to see if the end product works. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Tons of Plugins

Jenkins can be infinitely customized to automate just about everything. You can send emails if your code breaks a test. You can deploy to a development environment after every code check in. See the full list at jenkins plugins

We provide full support to your builds.

Unlike our copetition, we want to see you succeed and offer full support. We believe in helping you to achieve the perfect jenkins solution and understand that each person will have unique goals they want to accomplish. Reach out and let us know how we can help today.

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Looking for more? — Tell us what you need. We can accomidate your needs of your project and help you set up your jenkins builds. We can also set up support to be on site. Reach out to us to see how. Contact us

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